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Greyhound Coarse/Fine Beast Combo Comb - Candy Colors

$44.00 USD

Product description

The Ashley Craig's original Greyhound Comb, Beast Collection in candy colors features a 7.6"L x 1.8"W coarse/fine tine combination design making it ideal for fluffing furnishings, heads, and long-coated breeds but not remove matts. These combs are available in the "Candy" color scheme. It's a popular choice among groomers and cat fanciers alike. 

Each Greyhound comb features hand-rounded spines and a long-lasting anti-static finish. Get unbeatable quality and craftsmanship with each purchase. The Beast, Candy Collection comes in 6 fun colors.
  • Combination of Coarse and Fine Tines.
  • Anti-static finish.
  • Used on all coat types
  • 7.6"L x 1.8"W
  • Brass spines with carbon steel tapered tines.
  • Made in the UK

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Greyhound Coarse/Fine Beast Combo Comb - Candy Colors


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