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Greyhound Rock Stone Stripping Tool

$22.00 USD

Product description

Ashley Craig's Greyhound Rock Stones are expertly shaped and ground with tapered ends for use on all breeds. These natural stones have a textured surface that easily grips hair, making them ideal for shaping heads and other areas during any part of the grooming routine. The ergonomic handle, designed to maximize comfort, can be used in either the left or right hand. To clean, simply use a dry brush.

  • Used for stripping and rolling a coat.
  • Light weight for comfort.
  • Ergonomic universal handle.
Pro Tip:

Card the coat first to get required undercoat removed. Then hand strip by pulling the hair straight out without twisting or bending your wrist; otherwise the hair gets cut or breaks. You should see a bulb at the end of the hair to show that it was pulled out at the follicle. Ideally hand stripping should be every 3-4 weeks. 

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Greyhound Rock Stone Stripping Tool


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