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Nexderma Silvet Derm Spray

$25.00 USD

Product description

Silvet Dermatological Pet Wound and Cleaning Spray is a natural solution containing colloidal nanoparticles of silver, suspended in ultra-pure water. Safe to use around the eyes and mouth, this spray prevents gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, and supports wound management. It has been found to help treat skin irritations, wounds, fungi, hot spots, burns, abscesses, sores, thrush, rain rot, and ringworm. Each spray donates 30 parts per million of silver ions to the wound bed, which has been proven to destroy bacterial cell membranes and halt cell respiration. Recent research has shown no toxicity from this silver presentation, making it a safe and effective treatment.

  • Salon pricing available
  • Veterinarian grade
  • Used for dogs, cats and horses
  • Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory.
  • No stinging or discoloration to skin or fabrics.
  • Used as a cleanser even ulcerated wounds.
  • Helps treat skin irritations, wounds, fungus, hot spots, burns, abscesses, sores, thrush, rain rot, and more.
  • Made in USA

Applied directly to wound or infected area.

Active Ingredient for Spray

Colloidal Nano Particles of Silver 0.003%


Ultra Pure Water

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Nexderma Silvet Derm Spray

$25.00 USD

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