All for Grooming develops grooming safety and ergonomic equipment to help the professional pet groomer during the grooming process. This family owned company was founded by Kemlyn and Tommy Stockstill over 20 years ago. Kemlyn has over 20 years experience in the pet industry as a professional pet groomer and working in the veterinarian medical field as a veterinarian technician, clinic behavioral consultant and obedience trainer. Growing up on a farm, Kemlyn had the opportunity to work with and train a variety of domestic animals and understand their distinct needs.  

Their first safety product, The Groomer's Wall, was a creative solution to provide a safer method to groom while Kemlyn was pregnant. Tommy has tapped into Kemlyn's medical experience and since then developed products that target and combine safety, comfort and functional design. 

 "Topi", the retired miniature AKC show poodle with collapsing trachea - the inspiration for the creation of the Trach Saver®.

Form and Function meet Safety and Comfort.

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