Understanding an Artisan Trade Takes Experience

For Pet Groomers By Pet Groomers

We are professional pet groomers who understand the complexity of products and equipment required for this profession. As fellow Artisan Tradespeople, we have hand selected products that hold up to the punishment of heavy use and the variety needed to handle a wide range of pet sizes and coat types.

Understanding an Artisan Trade takes experience

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of offering a vast selection of repeat products or knock offs, we carefully review and hand pick traditional and innovative products and formulas that allow for superior styling, safety, and improve health. Let superior products enhance the quality and speed of your work.

Understanding an artisan trade takes experience

Upskill and reskill with education

Continuing Education helps improve hands-on, specialty and safe handling skills while enhancing your marketability, lifestyle and finances. We promote and offer educational products and host seminars to augment your trade skills.

Educating Pet Owners

Follow Lisa on her Podcast

”The Knowledgeable Pet Owner” is a podcast committed to assisting pet owners in making informed decisions for their furry friends. With a focus on education and practical advice, the show aims to empower listeners with the knowledge they need to provide the best possible care for their pets. We are three pet professionals with a passion for helping guide pet owners covering the topics of grooming, training, and behavior. www.theknowledgeablepetowner.com

Beautify and Organize with Color

Coordinate Your Salon

We carefully chose the manufacturers that are known for their commitment to the grooming industry creating durable, functional and ergonomic designs that allow you to maximize your time while create beautiful styles and reducing coat breakage. Buy why stop there? We included the top tool and equipment manufacturers that allow you to express your own style throughout your salon.

There is more to Grooming then Creating a Style

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