Happy Hoodie® was founded in 2008 by two professional pet groomers, with 27 years combined industry experience, who were determined to find a solution to the noise and stress many pets experienced during the grooming process. Tracy Miller began her grooming career in 1988, and later, as a shop owner, worked with Toni Vernetti. They focused on all-breed dog and cat grooming with an emphasis on a fear-free style grooming environment. Finding that no products existed for more compassionate methods to make the loud, forced air-drying process quieter, safer and less stressful, the two decided to collaborate and develop their own remedy. One year later, after much testing, they introduced Happy Hoodie®, the Head Hug for Pets™, a straight forward, cost effective answer to reduce anxiety, stress, behavioral issues and save time. Today, this versatile head hug band has proven to be an effective calming and safety solution for professional pet groomers, pet owners and veterinarians in a variety of situations.