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Artero Wide A5 Clipper Blade #10WF

$43.53 USD

Product description

The Artero Wide Clipper Blade #10WF helps provide faster cuts and improved, consistent coat results. Its wider-than-standard A5 size helps you avoid the hassle of correcting uneven textures and markings, saving time in the process. The #10Wf blade works with guards for longer styles. Compatible with A5 clippers including Artero, as well as Andis, Moser, Heiniger, Oster, and Aesculap Fav5 and Fav5 CL models.

  • Cutting height: 0.06" or 1.5mm
  • Blade #10 (F = Finishing)
  • Material: Steel
  • Fits A5 Clippers


  • Extra wide blades shorten groom time by covering more surface area versus standard blades.
  • Lubricating/Cooling Sprays can accumulate on blades over time. Use a tile or metal square to cool down hot blades between use.
  • If a blade tugs and pulls at the coat and gets hot then its is dull and needs sharpening.
  • Only use clipper oil

Maintenance & Care

To extend the blade's lifespan, regularly clean the cutting heads.

  • Removing accumulated hair and debris with brush and/or compressed air.
  • Clean and disinfect blades with clipper cleaning products.
  • Apply 2 drops of lubricant between the teeth of the blade while the clipper is running positioned with the teeth of the blade facing down.
  • Replace broken or dull blades promptly to prevent injuries.

Cleaning Artero A5 Blades

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Artero Wide A5 Clipper Blade #10WF

$43.53 USD

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