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Artero Wide A5 Clipper Blade #7WF

$45.88 USD

Product description

The Artero Wide Clipper Blade #7WF helps provide faster cuts and improved, consistent coat results. Its wider-than-standard A5 size helps you avoid the hassle of correcting uneven textures and markings, saving time in the process. Compatible with A5 clippers including Artero, as well as Andis, Moser, Heiniger, Oster, and Aesculap Fav5 and Fav5 CL models.

  • Cutting height: 0.13" or 3.2mm
  • Blade #7 (F = Finishing)
  • Material: Steel
  • Fits A5 Clippers


  • Extra wide blades shorten groom time by covering more surface area versus standard blades.
  • Lubricating/Cooling Sprays can accumulate on blades over time. Use a tile or metal square to cool down hot blades between use.
  • If a blade tugs and pulls at the coat and gets hot then its is dull and needs sharpening.
  • Only use clipper oil

Maintenance & Care

To extend the blade's lifespan, regularly clean the cutting heads.

  • Removing accumulated hair and debris with brush and/or compressed air.
  • Clean and disinfect blades with clipper cleaning products.
  • Apply 2 drops of lubricant between the teeth of the blade while the clipper is running positioned with the teeth of the blade facing down.
  • Replace broken or dull blades promptly to prevent injuries.

Cleaning Artero A5 Blades

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Artero Wide A5 Clipper Blade #7WF

$45.88 USD

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