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Nkita Conditioner

$65.00 USD

Product description

Nkita's fast drying Conditioner is a non-greasy formula incorporating Moringa, Coconut, Grape Seed Oil, and Oatmeal to effectively hydrate, moisturize, and condition your pet's skin and coat. Ideal for addressing dryness and itchiness for all coat types, this formula is also lightly fragranced to deodorize and leave a clean, fresh scent.

Derived from Asia and Africa, Moringa is known for its fatty acid compounds and antioxidants that aid in blood circulation to the skin, promoting coat growth and leading to stronger, healthier coat over time. Additionally, Moringa contains pterygospermin, a natural anti-bacterial agent.

  • Use for Dogs and Cats
  • Works on all coat types
  • De-matts and De-sheds
  • Locally owned and manufactured.
  • Minority owned.
  • Made in the USA
Professional Directions
  • Minimum 4:1 Concentration
  • Can be used in spray bottle or mixing bottle
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Nkita Conditioner

$65.00 USD

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