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Nexderma Stem Wound Gel 30 ml

$39.99 USD

Product description

Nexderma Stem Gel for wound care is an advanced wound healing gel that introduces nanogen fibres into the wound, providing an excellent healing environment. Formulated from plant extracts and stem cells extracted from a rare Brazilian rainforest plant, nanogen fibres are dispersed directly into the wound, measured in size at only 2 nanometres. This creates an extra cellular matrix which mimics collagen, enabling efficient wound healing. Can be used in conjunction with other products, as long as the gel is applied for 2 to 3 minutes. This stem gel can be used for chronic wounds, chronic infections, general wounds and dermatological conditions like hot spots and rashes.

  • Wound healing accelerator
  • Veterinarian grade
  • Can be used on deep wounds
  • Non stinging
  • Safe to use around eyes and mouth
  • Made in USA

Applied directly to wound and allow 2-3 minutes for gel to absorb.


U.S. Patent #11,491,256 B2. Developed from plant extracts and plant stem cells found only in the Brazilian rainforest.

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Nexderma Stem Wound Gel 30 ml

$39.99 USD

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