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Air Force® Master Blaster® Variable Speed Professional Pet Dryer

$610.99 USD

Product description

The Air Force® Master Blaster® Variable Speed Professional Pet Dryer is a powerful, efficient tool for thoroughly removing water from both the top and underside of pet's fur. High-velocity, forced air reaches even thick fur quickly so less time spent drying. This dryer helps separate mats, de-sheds, and gives a clear view of the skin, making it safe and suitable for all coat types. Expect superior results, accelerated drying times, and fluffier coats in no time. 

  • Wheel mounted for easy transportation
  • Wall Mounting brackets available separately
  • 10', 1.5" diameter commercial strength hose
  • Heavy-duty neoprene nozzle
  • Light weight design
  • No heating element
  • Variable Speed
  • Specialized nozzle attachments
  • Made in the USA
Nozzle Attachment Guide:

Blower/Concentrator: The concentrator is the most widely used nozzle to blow water off the coat and significantly reduce dry time and works for all breeds. This nozzle not only aids in removing water and extra shed from fur but can also straighten curly coats. To minimize tangling of longer coats, maintain a safe distance from the coat or opt for the Air Flare nozzle. 

Flare: These wider nozzles provide a more dispersed air flow for dogs that are sensitive to the concentrator nozzle. 

 Air Force® Master Blaster MB-3V Product# 114-142454
Construction All Steel Construction; Black Matte Finish
Motor Two 4.0 Peak HP Twin Fan Motor 120V
Amps 18
Watts: 2280
Airflow: CFM/FPM 229/58500
Cord: 12 Ft. Grounded 3 Conductor
10’ Commercial
Accessories: Large Blower Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Air Flare

Pro Tips

Velocity Drying

Static holding rather than whipping is recommended to avoid straining the wrists, which increase the risk of developing carpel tunnel syndrome. In addition, the shaking motion increases noise levels, which can harm hearing in both the pet and operator and cause stress for the animal. Lastly, whipping the air can produce tangled hair knots, so users should move the dryer slowly and keep it at a suitable distance - the longer the hair, the greater the distance.

Finish Drying

Coming Soon

Maintenance and Repair

Easy Maintenance and repair tips: for various models

Carbon Brush Installation

For major repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates, we recommend sending the unit directly to Metrovac.

Repair Form

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, Inc.
5 Raritan Road
Oakland, New Jersey 07436


For all equipment with a 5 Year Limited Warranty, details are below.

One Year Warranty* on Parts, Switches, and Cords.

Five Year Limited* Warranty for the following:

  • Dryer unit and motor.*
  • This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

Terms and Conditions of Warranties (*)

  • Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge. If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.
  • Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.
  • The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.
  • See Manufacturer for full Warranty.

One Year Warranty* only on all Quickdraw Machines.

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Air Force® Master Blaster® Variable Speed Professional Pet Dryer

$610.99 USD

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