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Greyhound ARC Curved Comb

$44.00 USD

Product description

The Ashley Craig ARC Greyhound Comb Collection give you superior styling control. These curved combs work great for finishing work and hard to reach places specifically for fluffing heads and legs while also ideal for "spray up" styles. These European dual tine medium/fine combs come in 2 fun colors and sizes: 

  • Medium Length: 7.8"L x 1.5"W 
  • Large Length: 9.9"L x 1.5"W

This more modern, curved style Greyhound comb is still handmade in the UK using the same techniques since 1920. The combs are hand drilled and polished using brass spines with carbon steel tapered tines.

Each Greyhound comb features hand-rounded spines and a long-lasting anti-static finish. Get unbeatable quality and craftsmanship with each purchase. 


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Greyhound ARC Curved Comb


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