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Greyhound Dan Sackos Signature Hand Stripping Knives

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The Dan Sackos Signature Series by Greyhound was designed with well-known terrier breeder, groomer and show handler, Dan Sackos  has been a mentor to other legends in the field. such as Gabriel Rangel.  These tools were designed to allow for versatile hand stripping techniques, coat rolling, and flatwork. The knives come pre-dulled and feature a textured finish for a secure grip. The ergonomic wood handle is created to maximize comfort with a smooth finish wrapped around 3 sides. This set is for Right Hand dominant users. Left Hand dominant tools are available upon request.

  • Used for carding and stripping
  • Texturized for easy grip.
  • Pre-dulled.
  • Ergonomic handle.

Card the coat first to get required undercoat removed. Then hand strip by pulling the hair straight out without twisting or bending your wrist; otherwise the hair gets cut or breaks. You should see a bulb at the end of the hair to show that it was pulled out at the follicle. Ideally hand stripping should be every 3-4 weeks. 

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Greyhound Dan Sackos Signature Hand Stripping Knives


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