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The Art of Hand Stripping by Scott Wasserman

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Scott Wasserman,  ISCC PDS, MPS, Meritus, Certifier is known fondly as Mr. Terrier. Scott has become one of the leading experts in hand stripping Terriers. Scott’s passion for pets combines his professional pet grooming with his dog show circuit experience.

Since 1992, Scott launched into the pet styling contest ring with wins include Best Pet
Stylist in Show at the U.S. Pet Pro Classic twice, the coveted Intergroom International Groomer of the Year award and been a GroomTeam USA member. As a Professional Pet Stylist, Scott owned his own salon, Smoochie Pooch.

Scott is a successful international judge traveling to major show destinations in England, Italy, Brazil, Scotland, France, Argentina, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Australia, and Canada. He has received several nominations for the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards, winning the award of Congeniality in 2001 and Judge of the Year in 2014. Scott is also active in the show ring as a breeder of Kerry Blue Terriers under the Kiluntin prefix. 

  • History and Grooming Theory of Terriers
  • Learn the unique skin and coat anatomy of Terriers
  • Explanation on the methods for hand stripping
Pro Tip
This is a perfect guide and reference book for beginners and seasoned hand strippers and a great reference guide to tools.

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The Art of Hand Stripping by Scott Wasserman

$29.99 USD

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