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Ultra Pet Drying Robes

$24.95 USD

Product description

Introducing the revolutionary Ultra Pet Drying Robes ultimate dry-time solution from Ashley Craig. These pet drying robes are made with double-thick velvet microfiber that can absorb up to 50% more water than other microfiber towels, significantly reducing times. The design is ideal for preparing wire hair and flat coated breeds for show.

Each robe has a secure Velcro closure and fits over and secures around the head with ease. They come in 4 vibrant colors and are machine-washable. Grey and Blue are only available in Med to XL.

Pro Tip:

After towel drying, place robe on dog and start velocity drying legs. Once legs are dry, The robe will have absorbed the majority of water by this point and make drying the body fast.

Robes need to be washed twice, separately before initial use.  Tumble dry on normal.

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Ultra Pet Drying Robes


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