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Groomer's Guide 15 Coat Type Large Poster

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The Groomer’s Guide 15 Coat Type updated third edition, 24" x 36" large poster, is a perfect reference for the professional pet groomer.  This reference is the condensed highlighted information for the PGC recognized preparatory course “15 Coat Types ” Seminar and soon to be expanded Book researched and written by Jennifer Bischop-Jenkins, ICM.  

This poster covers the 15 distinct genetic coat types for dogs combining current animal science and evidence based best practices to achieve optimal results for the skin and coat of all the various breeds and breed combinations. The price of the unframed poster includes free shipping. Framed option available. The poster has been blurred to protect copy write information.

The Groomer Who Teaches and Guides for Coat Care and Preservation

Jennifer is one of the few Certified Master Groomers in the USA who also has a Master’s Degree in History and the equivalent in Education.  Jennifer started showing dogs when she was 21 years old, and since has owned, bred, or titled several Champions, including a Futurity winner, a Top Producer, and a Grand Champion - among them German Shepherds, American Cockers Spaniels, Standard and Miniature Poodles, Great Pyrenees, Belgian Tervuren, Shetland Sheepdog, Pumi, Australian Shepherds, Boxers, and others, including Himalayan Cats. Since 1981,

While teaching Jennifer professional pet groomed part time and became a Certified Master Groomer in 1985. During her teaching career, Jennifer has taught High School, Junior High, been an adjunct college History Teacher, and served as an Academic Dean (Asst Principal). After teaching, in 2014, Jennifer groomed full-time at her shop Luv for Groomers until 2023. Jennifer also served on the advisory board to the World Pet Association (WPA) for the Pet Grooming Credential (PGC) standardized exam and now is a PGC Educator with the PGC recognized preparatory course “15 Coat Types”.

Currently, Jennifer is national speaker and educator at many professional pet grooming conventions, is a columnist for Groomer-to-Groomer, blogs and can be heard on the Groomers Guide Podcast.

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Groomer's Guide 15 Coat Type Large Poster


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