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Groomerverse Bar Soaps

$13.99 USD

Product description

Groomerverse teamed up with Chubbs to create a Spa Collection of specialty bar soaps that are pet friendly and odor neutralizing. Our spa collection's fresh and soothing scents clean without having an overpowering fragrance.
Using an eco-friendly natural and organic plant based specialty formula for pets with sensitive skin, these soaps do not contain d’limonene, harsh essential oils, sulfates, formaldehyde, or detergents. 
  • For use with dogs and cats over 12 weeks old.
  • Whitening and Brightening
  • Degreasing and Volumizing
  • Eco friendly, Organic and Natural ingredients 
  • Pet friendly, odor reducing fragrances.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. This is not a “tearless” shampoo.
  • Lather pet twice per bath.
Avg. # of pets bathed per bar
10-12 Small 
8-10 Medium
6-8 Large
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Groomerverse Bar Soaps


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