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Rake Superior™ Collection

$120.00 USD

Product description

The Aaronco® Rake Superior® Professional Pet Grooming Rake bundle feature 4 heavy duty de-shedding and de-matting grooming rakes. Developed by industry leader Sam Kohl, these tools were specifically designed to untangle knots, remove dense undercoat, and reduce excess topcoat. Their ergonomic wooden handles reduce wrist and hand strain, while their curved stainless-steel heads and blunt tines offer increased coat removal compared to brushing alone, without resulting in damage to the fur or skin.

  • De-shedding/De-matting Tools
  • Durable construction
  • Made in the USA
Bundle Includes 1 of each
  • Undercoat’R™
  • Star™
  • Staggerd Shedder™
  • Micro Shedder™
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    Rake Superior™ Collection

    $120.00 USD

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