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Grooming Harness: Trach Saver®

$38.95 USD

Product description

The Vinyl Trach Saver® professional pet grooming harness safety system provides stabilizing support for small breed dogs and cats by looping around the front or back legs. When used in the front, it removes pressure from the neck, guarding against choking, injury or providing comfort to pets with disc slips, developmental abnormalities, or neck pain. When used in the rear, the Trach Saver helps limit movements and injuries.

The Vinyl Trach Saver® is built using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is flexible like rubber and strong like plastic. The material naturally resists bacteria, chemicals, odors and abrasions. The product was built to withstand 98 pounds of pull and the swivel clasp has been tested up to 300 pounds of force before breaking.

  • Non-threatening safety restraint
  • Front-end Support
  • Table to Tub to Table Use
  • Made from strong, durable TPU
  • Water Proof
  • Mold, odor and bacteria resistant 
  • Small - Toy Breeds and smaller Cats
  • Medium - Small to Medium size breeds
  • Large - Medium to Large size breeds
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Grooming Harness: Trach Saver®


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